Jordan Frugé, president of Fastrac Energy Services, challenges the common misconception that solar installations are “a bunch of people running around on rooftops.” He dives into the solar industry’s intricate details and behind-the-scenes operations, emphasizing the significance of meticulous planning, efficient execution, and customer-centric growth while predicting the market’s future.

Jordan founded Fastrac, a Gulf Coast Regional solar sales, project management, and installation company, in 2019. With a wealth of experience in the residential solar market and a deep-rooted understanding of the industry’s value chain, he has spearheaded Fastrac’s emphasis on execution and fulfillment. Before Fastrac, he was CMO and co-founder of Sunnova Energy along with 2 other pioneering solar industry businesses that he and John Berger founded. So, why did he leave the pinnacle of solar success to get down in the dirt again building a fourth startup? 

In today’s podcast, SunCast Host Nico Johnson leads Jordan in a conversation about the solar industry’s inner workings and the crucial factors contributing to customer satisfaction, including top software solutions to optimize operations. He shares his vision for regional and super-regional installers, delves into empowering employees, and clarifies common misconceptions about battery storage. Jordan’s insights contribute to a more realistic and informed perspective, highlighting the meticulous work that goes into solar installations beyond the surface level. 

Nico and Jordan will help listeners navigate the solar market effectively while fostering a greater understanding of the sustainable energy landscape.