In this Tactical Tuesday episode, we delve into the mindset of entrepreneur and solar project developer, Nobel Chang of Palladium Energy. Chang shares insights from his accomplished solar journey stretching all the way to Mexico and beyond. Having transitioned from real estate to renewables, Chang imparts wisdom on when to halt a failing project, and how to secure team buy-in.

Explore the concept of “failing forward” as a tool to learn from mistakes, and grasp the nuances of flexibility, not only for individual growth but also for leading a team through strategic shifts. Listen to Chang’s perspective on viewing projects as a people business, and his tips on forging the right connections in global markets like Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Japan.

Chang takes us through the three pillars of solar development, an integral part of his business model. Furthermore, he shares the spark that propelled him to start his entrepreneurial journey in the clean energy sector. Listen to his riveting account of how he overcame challenges, and his strategies for breaking through barriers when it feels like you’ve hit a wall. This episode promises a wealth of practical advice for those looking to grow and excel in the dynamic clean energy industry.

If you missed Nobel’s full Executive Profile, you can scroll back and listen to it in episode #530 published Oct 13, 2022