The built environment accounts for 40% of global emissions.. Decarbonizing this significant contributor to greenhouse gasses entails a strategic blend of clean energy adoption, electrifying heating and cooling systems, and enhancing buildings’ grid interactivity. It is within this complex, but critical, challenge that McGee Young, founder of WattCarbon, has found his mission.

Harnessing his vast entrepreneurial experience from his time with startups MeterHero and H2OScore, and as a former CTO at Recurve, Young has developed WattCarbon. This “Demand-driven Decarbonization Platform” empowers organizations with net-zero commitments to more efficiently access 24/7 carbon-free energy and procure substantial carbon offsets.

WattCarbon serves as a marketplace for suppliers delivering carbon-free energy, thereby stimulating the implementation of clean energy resources. Young’s belief in open source principles is woven into the platform’s technology, fostering problem-solving, innovation, and transparency – all crucial for driving impactful decarbonization efforts. And his entrepreneurial experience and foresight have culminated in the development of this timely platform, one which he admittedly already tried, and failed, to launch a decade too early! 

Challenging assumptions about the public’s understanding of clean energy and decarbonization has been a critical learning for Young. It has emphasized the need for making these concepts accessible and comprehensible, thus encouraging wider participation.

Fueled by a deep-rooted commitment to environmentalism passed down from his mother, Young inspires his team to take pride in their contributions, creating an environment that values all stakeholders. This dedication, alongside his capacity to translate complex academic knowledge into tangible real-world applications, is what makes WattCarbon a pioneering force in the fight against climate change.