Meghan Gainer, VP of Marketing at DSD Renewables, delves into the multifaceted role of marketing, highlighting its dual function to cater to both the sales team and external customers, and shares her strategy for balancing these obligations.

Gainer emphasizes the importance of a customer-first approach and building a brand from the ground up. She also shares her experience with renowned corporations like Comcast, SunEdison, and Tesla, providing listeners with a roadmap on how curiosity and embracing challenges can bolster personal and professional growth.

Listeners will gain insight into Gainer’s hiring considerations, learning that she highly values quick adaptability and the ability to articulate one’s career trajectory. Moreover, Gainer discloses her effective strategy for managing brand perceptions both within and outside DSD Renewables. Her unique approach to managing marketing agencies as integrated parts of her team, rather than as separate entities, also provides valuable lessons for budding and established marketers alike. She has gleaned priceless experience from years working in the trenches at major Corporate brands, most recently at GE, before lending her credentials and savvy to building the DSD Renewables brand.

This episode serves as a comprehensive guide, encompassing various aspects of marketing, with tips, strategies, and personal experiences shared by one of the industry’s leading professionals to help you in your career journey. And if you missed Meghan’s full Executive Profile on the podcast, well, you can go back and listen to it here.