This is Part 2 with Kerim Baran, the founder of SolarAcademy.com.  If you missed Episode 618, Part 1 of this discussion, we strongly suggest you queue that one up first! 

Over the last 2 decades, Kerim has become a prominent figure in the solar and tech industries. With an extensive background as a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, coach, and mentor, his journey is marked by observation and innovation, and he’s tucked 2 successful exits under his belt! During his time with Civic Solar, he noted the paradox of falling solar costs while residential solar remained costly and inefficient. His vision of “god parity,” where locally produced and consumed solar electricity becomes significantly cheaper, signals a groundbreaking shift in energy paradigms. And his initiative with platforms like Enki Solar and Solar Academy showcases his commitment to addressing inequities in capital and education.

Kerim’s insights extend beyond the technical aspects of the solar industry. He delves into the importance of virtues like patience, reflecting a broader perspective on personal and professional growth. His philosophy on investment prioritizes joy and support over mere financial gain, and his interest in projects that meld software with solar points to a future of greater equity in power infrastructure. Additionally, his thoughts on decentralized, social knowledge-sharing and the ethical considerations of information sharing contribute to a holistic understanding of modern business dynamics. We delve into how Kerim has marged these interests into his 3rd startup, SolarAcademy, and what technology improvements mean for distributed knowledge sharing & equity, in solar and beyond.

The interview with Kerim Baran offers valuable lessons for entrepreneurs and leaders. His transparent sharing of experiences, strategies, and philosophies provides a rich resource for those looking to navigate the complexities of starting and growing a business in solar or any other sector. His focus on ethics, empowerment, and collaboration, along with his willingness to be vulnerable about personal habits and challenges, provides a template and model for leaders looking to grow their personal and professional impact. 

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