The renewable energy sector is facing a series of intricate challenges as it endeavors to scale up, enter new markets, foster inclusivity, and secure a domestic supply chain. The urgency to transition from traditional energy sources to renewable alternatives is palpable, yet achieving this shift requires a careful balance of technological innovation, strategic leadership, policy alignment, and an understanding of the global market dynamics. The complexity of these issues demands strong leadership, forward-thinking strategies and a talented, dedicated workforce!

Sandhya Ganapathy sits at the helm of one of the leading companies at the forefront of addressing these multifaceted problems. From 2017 to her CEO appointment in early 2022, she served as Global Head of Investments and M&A, responsible for M&A, investment and capital allocation decisions, and asset rotation for EDPR across its geographies. Sandhya’s strategic leadership has been instrumental in expanding renewable energy’s reach and impact. She has not only been part of entering new markets but has also actively promoted gender inclusivity in STEM through campaigns like “Rebels for Change.” Her insights on securing the domestic supply chain and her commitment to energy independence emphasize her holistic approach to problem-solving. Sandhya’s blend of perseverance, collaboration, and vision offers a unique perspective on how the renewable energy sector can navigate its present challenges and future potential.

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