It’s that wonderful time of the year folks!  With just two weeks left before the monumental annual pilgrimage to the RE+ Trade Show (this year in Las Vegas!), we’ve once-again curated a special “Know Before You Go” episode bringing in tips from industry leaders to help you prepare and make the most of this event while not being overwhelmed by what’s sure to be the biggest show yet with over 45,000 attendees!  This essential listen features six industry experts who share their top tips for making the most of the show, whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran.

You’ll hear from:

Danielle Danko, Senior Director of Marketing at RE+:

Danielle provides a comprehensive guide to navigating the expansive layout of the RE+ event. She delves into the dual venues and three expo halls, along with the newest entertainment options, including RE+ Tonight and the AREA 15 Bloc Party.

Trish Moratto, Communications Manager of SMA:

Trish focuses on optimizing your schedule to maximize impact. She suggests a balanced approach that includes booking essential meetings without overcommitting, as well as incorporating walking meetings for a more dynamic experience.

Daniel Dus, Founder of Cleantech Industry Resources and CEO of Acme Group:

Daniel advises attendees to prepare for the event as if it’s a business marathon. He emphasizes the importance of being ready with business cards and also listening to speakers to understand future trends. Daniel also shares the importance of pre-booking restaurants and talks about the invite-only Solar Fight Night.

Lisa Ann Pinkerton, CEO and Founder of Technica Communications, and host of the Earthlings podcast:

Lisa underscores the importance of being a connector by providing real-time value to clients through introductions. She also discusses the necessity of rapid follow-ups, offering the idea of sorting business cards into two piles for streamlined communication.

John Rohde, CEO of the Americas for RES:

John insists on disciplined planning and encourages attendees to identify ten key objectives they wish to achieve during the show. He also talks about taking a step back from the day-to-day operations to consider larger, impactful goals for your business.

Tor Valenza, CEO of Unthink Solar and Host of Probably True Solar Stories:

Tor aims to enhance your social and digital presence during the show. He introduces the Social Brews and Views event and explains how a good social media strategy, including hashtags and QR codes, can open doors for more meaningful connections.

If you’re coming to Vegas, don’t miss this episode! It’s your indispensable guide for achieving RE+ 2023 success!

And DO add our PowerUp Live Podcast Stage to your lineup of Must-Visit locations on the show floor (booth 21020!) – we can’t wait to meet you in person.