What can the solar industry learn from the efficiency and scalability that have characterized the oil and gas industries for the last hundred years? As the world grapples with the urgent need to transition away from fossil fuels, solar power has emerged as a crucial player in this global shift. This change is not without its challenges, however, such as the need for significant capital investment, the intricacies of supply chain logistics, and the mounting pressure of market competition. These issues are even more daunting for manufacturers of solar modules, who not only face the common challenges of running a business but also the specific hurdles of an industry in the throes of transformation.

With a unique perspective shaped by over two decades in the oil and gas sector, Martin Pochtaruk serves as the Founder & President of Heliene, a North American manufacturer specializing in high-efficiency solar photovoltaic modules. He has steered Heliene through the thick and thin, bootstrapping the company for its first 10 years, and evolving strategically to focus on the utility-scale market in the United States. Through a treacherous decade where many solar module manufacturers, relegated to price wars, have gone out of business, Martin has navigated the company through near-death focusing on winning in very specific areas rather than taking on the entire market.  Tactics like achieving a listing as an approved vendor for major solar financiers helped Heliene sidestep the potential pitfall of competing solely on price in an industry with razor-thin margins.

In this compelling discussion, Martin shares his unique perspective on how to survive the “solarcoaster” and build a business that can, indeed, help fulfill their purpose: healing the world one panel at a time. The interview highlights how Heliene navigated complex challenges facing solar module manufacturers, such as securing crucial capital investment to scale manufacturing, fine-tuning supply chain logistics, and navigating hyper-competitive market pressures. Lean in and learn from a pioneer in the industry who is actively facilitating our transition to cleaner energy sources.