In this special episode recorded from the tradeshow floor at RE+ Mid Atlantic, we explore a pressing question: Is there a workforce issue in the solar industry? Will it work itself out in the medium term? We’ve assembled a group of industry experts to share how their companies (and clients) are navigating the workforce challenges facing the renewable energy sector as we scale up.

Catherine McLean of Dylan Green discusses the evolving work arrangements—hybrid, remote, or in-office—and their impact on women during the pandemic. She also addresses the financial challenges of relocating for jobs in major cities. Whit Fulton, CEO of ConnectDER, talks about the hurdles in getting hardware products like their meter socket adapter to market, and highlights the crucial role of state energy offices in standardized training.

Jason Higginson, Head of Marketing for APsystems, covers how supply constraints, like components and metals, are influencing the industry. And finally, Todd Ahern and Adam Jordan of the MegaWatt Group focus on how their business model as an outsourced sales team for installers alleviates certain workforce needs.

This episode offers a comprehensive view into the workforce debate, leveraging the expertise of those who are deeply involved in the solar and renewables industry.

Is there truly a workforce dilemma? 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments over on our Youtube channel, where we’ve posted this episode in its full glory. You can see exactly what we saw from the Philadelphia Convention Center at this Summer’s RE+ Mid-Atlantic.