Let’s be honest, the rapidly accelerating demand for clean, renewable energy has outpaced the development and implementation processes in the solar sector. As the queue for interconnection lengthens and the need for efficiency grows, utility-scale solar developers face mounting challenges. From the scarcity of skilled engineers and designers to bottlenecks in site selection and grid optimization, the sector has long been in need of innovation to streamline these complex processes and reduce human errors.

David Trainavicius, founder and CEO of PVcase, and Jake Anderson, Head of Business of Anderson Optimization (recently acquired by PVcase) are at the forefront of this transformation. Specializing in automating the tedious engineering and site selection processes, their combined expertise aims to simplify, and shorten, the solar development cycle. David’s extensive experience as a solar consultant for over 100 companies gives him unique familiarity with the utility-scale sector’s challenges. Jake contributes his own acumen in optimizing the early-stage site selection processes for renewable energy projects. Together for the first time on a podcast following the Anderson Optimization acquisition, they discuss the synergy of the combined firms, and how automation can not only mitigate errors but also significantly accelerate the entire solar project development cycle, and ultimately the global deployment of solar projects.

In a world increasingly focused on transitioning to cleaner energy resources, the contributions of David and Jake are helping to pave the way for a more sustainable, robust, and scalable solar industry future. This engaging dialogue explores how they’re transforming the solar development process.