As clean energy continues to dominate global conversations, understanding the intricacies of this high-growth sector are more critical than ever. Supply chain disruptions, surging financing costs, and complex regulatory landscapes continue to slow progress, especially in the areas of battery storage and M&A. 

We recently had the opportunity to speak with the folks responsible for navigating these waters at one of the most respected banking & advisory practices in the game: Keybanc Capital Markets(KBCM). In today’s discussion, we are joined by Aaron Klein, Julian Bailliet, Ari Citrin, Timothy Beach, Everett Currier, and Ryan Pirnat, all Managing Directors from KBCM. This group of experienced industry experts have not only managed through regulatory challenges and financing obstacles, but they have been involved in deploying nearly $10Billion in capital to build our clean energy infrastructure. Renowned for their strategic agility and market acumen, our interviewees have championed pioneering projects and broken through barriers to secure early-stage capital and ensure clients projects got across the finish line, time and time again.

What can one glean from this engaging dialogue? From the nitty-gritty of supply chain management to the nuance of tax equity financing, the conversation is packed with valuable insights. It’s an opportunity to dig deeper into the details of the renewable energy market from the capital perspective. You won’t be disappointed.