In a world dominated by technology and data, we often lose sight that people are at the heart of the matter. Building connections & partnerships in communities is essential to any project’s success. Building (and Telling) compelling narratives helps us connect with our target audience on a deeper level and significantly enhances the impact of marketing strategies. However, capturing and presenting these stories in campaigns effectively is challenging, especially given the rapid shifts in media, the difficulties in sourcing stories across geographical and corporate boundaries, and the sheer volume of content we are capable of generating these days. 

So I’ve assembled an esteemed panel if practitioners: Scarlett Chepke from SOLV Energy, Pallavi Singla from Nextracker, and Tom Weirich from EDP Renewables, all distinguished leaders in marketing and communication. They offer insight into harmonizing technology with creative thought to make a lasting connection with your ideal customer and audience. Their approaches range from specific social media policies and AI-powered analysis to glean audience insights, to motivating employees to share their experiences, using software to tag and manage content effectively, and tips on managing the story-gathering process at scale. 

This dialogue provides key details on how, despite the implementation of AI and software tools, the heart of good marketing is a return to the story. By understand its mechanics, we are able to craft communication, internally & externally, that aids in accelerating this energy transition and enrolling more agents of change to stand alongside us.

That’s the power of Storytelling. Are you using it well?