Solar developers often find themselves encountering complex project challenges, including varying regulations across jurisdictions, obtaining community approval, and supply chain complications, all in the face of looming deadlines.  All too often, projects are delayed or shelved, which further impedes our progress towards cleaning up the grid.  This episode brings together experts across the project supply chain who are committed to overcoming these barriers. 

Rob Anders from EDP Renewables discusses how they navigate the regulatory labyrinth, while Eric Veuleman from Beta Engineering sheds light on the evolution of construction techniques. Jaime Fernandez of Nextracker offers insights into tackling supply chain issues, and Chris Haltom from TorcSill presents ways technology improvements can fast-track projects. What connects these industry leaders is their emphasis on the human element — they reiterate that early community engagement and focus on job creation is as essential as technical adaptation. This conversation promises valuable lessons for those actually building renewable energy projects.