Few companies have contributed to the progress being made toward more scalable battery storage solutions than Fluence Energy (FLNC).  With a deep heritage in power and energy from its founding as a JV between AES and Siemens, the Fluence technology and leadership team has weathered the test of time better than most of their peers. However, there are still challenges that influence battery storage availability, such as global supply chain disruptions, rising demand for affordable and efficient energy storage, and safety concerns. Learn from a voice of experience how domestic battery storage manufacturing is shifting the paradigm and uncover how storage technology adds reliability and resilience to the grid.

John Zahurancik, President, Americas at Fluence, is an energy storage expert who is on a mission to prove and scale up energy storage technologies. In this conversation with Nico Johnson, Zahurancik explains how he and the Fluence team are focused on domestic manufacturing to fortify the supply chain, rigorous safety measures to mitigate risks, and advanced project development services to ensure successful energy storage projects. 

This conversation provides key details on how Fluence is impacting the battery storage industry, beyond establishing domestic manufacturing we look at their use of storage as a form of transmission and grid stabilization. Of course, when considering the incentives provided by the IRA and ITC tax credits, it’s important to recognize that domestically manufactured battery storage systems will play a crucial role in bolstering the U.S. clean energy economy and meeting our renewable energy goals.