Innovative technologies are key to driving the clean energy transition. Prizes like the American-Made Solar Prize offered through the Dept. of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) reward innovators who are making solar power more efficient, more affordable, and more accessible. The competition’s 6th round has recently concluded, with millions in prizes awarded to trailblazing entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of advancing solar technologies.

Garrett Nilsen, SETO’s Deputy Director, introduces the latest winners: ReJoule and Latimer Controls. These teams distinguished themselves amidst a pool of brilliant applicants. ReJoule won not only the American-Made Solar Prize, but also the JEDI Prize for their commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

The winners share their experiences and strategic insights for navigating the competition stages and how their prize winnings will power their pilot projects. These technologies have the transformative potential to aid in achieving U.S. clean energy goals. Thanks to the US DOE for the opportunity, once again, to shine a light on these up-and-coming innovators, and for supporting the advancement of the clean energy sector!