High interest rates and inflation have had a major impact on market potential for residential solar customers this year.  Unfortunately, Homeowners generally view solar as a high dollar discretionary purchase rather than a valuable investment. Thus, we are seeing a bottoming out of residential solar sales compared with years’ past. In today’s discussion, we get to the bottom of what the data suggest is going on, and what you can do about it. 

Brian Ghiglia, Senior Director of Business Development at REC and Spencer Fields, Director of Insights at EnergySage, discuss the insights from millions of proposals generated via online clean energy marketplace (EnergySage) and data-driven strategies (adaptive selling) utilized by veterans to encourage homeowners to choose solar, even in a down market. 

In this conversation, Brian and Spencer discuss the importance of educating homeowners on more than just first-month savings. Solar is a long-term investment into the overall value of their home, but many sales teams struggle with how to compel the homeowner to go solar in an environment where high interest rates have stripped the silver bullet of “immediate savings”.

Despite the current residential solar sales slump, EnergySage data suggests we’re nearly through the trough and the future holds promise for sustained growth and wider adoption. How soon? Listen in and find out!