Utility-Scale solar has predominantly been developed on flat terrain due in part because conventional solar trackers are not well-suited for undulating terrain. But now, Nevados is opening up new frontiers with their innovative All Terrain Trackers. These trackers are designed to accommodate the curvatures and gradients of undulating landscapes, which opens up new opportunities for solar deployment as well as minimizing the impact on the land from grading. 

In this conversation, Yezin Taha, Nevados’s CEO and founder, elaborates on how this tracking technology not only reduces land damage but installs effectively on up to 37% grade slopes. He further delves into their resilience against weather phenomena—tipping panels up to 75 degrees for optimal protection against wind and hail. 

Listen as guest-host, Peter Kelley digs into the why and how behind the product in this Live interview from our PowerUp Live Stage! 

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