Tax equity has long presented barriers for distributed energy projects to access financing. However, a new provision in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) now enables tax credits to be transferred, opening up liquidity for project developers and BILLIONS of dollars in opportunity.

Billy Lee, Co-founder & President of Reunion Infrastructure has over 15 years of experience in renewable energy project finance, having worked on some of the earliest solar tax equity deals while at SunEdison. After observing barriers that distributed energy projects faced in accessing tax equity, Billy co-founded Reunion to create efficiency and scale in this new market for tax credit transfers enabled by the IRA. With a substantial pool of clean energy tax credits exceeding $2 billion, the company operates as a dynamic marketplace that facilitates connections between sellers and buyers, enabling streamlined transactions of these tax credits. 

Today, Reunion stands as an innovator doing due diligence and risk management to create a leading marketplace for transferable clean energy tax credits.

In this conversation, discover how Billy recognized the opportunity arise from a key policy improvement, found partners to address the gap and ran with it. The insights he provides, from the value of relationships to the expansive potential of the tax credit transfers market, are invaluable for any solar project developer.