Each year we highlight one non-profit making a big impact in the world, and we ask you to join us in supporting their mission on Giving Tuesday.

Nonprofits play a crucial role in international development, often solving equity gaps and civic/infrastructure gaps that for-profit, corporate and even governmental organizations are incapable of addressing. They envision a better world and strive to make it reality, particularly for the underserved and marginalized. This year’s nonprofit for our annual Giving Tuesday episode is Green Empowerment, who are bringing clean water and renewable energy to rural communities across the world. More than 2 billion humans lack clean water access and another 1 billion are devoid of reliable electricity.  Organizations like Green Empowerment are an instrumental development partner charged with helping these billions achieve a better quality of life through deploying global charity into communities of need around the world.

Andrea Johnson, the Executive Director of Green Empowerment, discusses their innovative micro utility model. Their community ownership model helps ensure communities can make sustainable strides toward independence and self-sufficiency by providing access to distributed renewable energy and clean water.

The commitment of Green Empowerment to uplift marginalized communities is resolute. Their track record, with 97% of systems still fully operational years after their installation, showcases the effectiveness of their work. This Giving Tuesday, join us in supporting Green Empowerment and be part of a movement that empowers lives in some of the most deprived corners of the world.