COP28 is the 28th annual Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention (UNFCC) on Climate Change which will be held in Dubai (UAE) and runs from November 30-December 12.

If that’s more than you already knew, you’re in luck because today we learn from folks who have participated in multiple COP events and learned the ins and outs from the inside. 

This year’s COP marks the pivotal halfway point between when the Paris Agreement was established at COP21, and its 2030 targets. COP28 UAE also marks the conclusion of the inaugural five-yearly global stocktake, providing a pivotal moment for the world to evaluate advancements toward the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement. This presents a unique opportunity for global stakeholders to come together, align their efforts, and strategize on bridging existing gaps in climate action. Participants and leaders from all corners of the world tackle the urgent agenda of climate change and enact sound strategies towards combating it.

Our guests today offer a wealth of COP experience. Myles Fish, VP of Business Development at Perch Energy, will share insights from his enriching tenure with John Kerry’s advance team at COP 21 in Paris. Next to speak is the CEO of Island Innovation, James Ellsmoor, who helps represent and provide perspective of small island developing states and territories at COP. Additionally, Julia Pyper, VP of Public Affairs at GoodLeap, revisits her experience at COP 26 in Glasgow and discusses what she expects to see from COP28.

This year’s summit will be integral in tracking progress from a global commitment to fighting climate change. Currently, we are falling short of the target to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius set by COP 21, emphasizing the urgent need for decisive action and necessary adjustments.  There are enormous learning opportunities from these high-stakes climate change negotiations and it will be interesting to see what COP28 brings about.

Listen in to this first-ever Suncast coverage of the global climate conference, and I’m sure you’ll come away with insight as to how this matters not just for you personally, but our industry and the world.