Domestic manufacturing is vital in helping to mitigate supply chain risks that arise from tariffs or other supply chain disruptions. Trina Solar, one of the largest solar module manufacturers globally and the leading provider of solar panels to the US this year, has at long last made a significant investment towards advancing the U.S. renewable energy market. 

Steven Zhu, President of Trina Solar divulges the timeline and magnitude of their new state-of-the-art (5 GW) solar module manufacturing facility in Wilmer, Texas. They will not only produce “green” products, but use green power to produce those products, showing their commitment to sustainability and ESG goals. Beyond fortifying the supply chain, this facility brings significant socio-economic benefits. With the creation of around 1600 jobs, it serves as a catalyst for local economic growth. Moreover, the plant helps reduce the carbon footprint associated with overseas importation and provides long-term sustainable domestic production from the largest provider to the US Market.

Steven shares insider details from their journey in choosing the perfect site in Wilmer, Texas, planning for production next year, and their broader vision for expansion in the US.  This project underscores the importance of domestic manufacturing in the solar industry, positioning the country more strongly to meet its clean energy goals. Many may ask, “If Trina is the leader, why did they lag behind peers in bringing domestic manufacturing to bear?”  Good question…listen in!