The recent wrap-up of COP28 in Dubai has catalyzed a renewed sense of urgency and reflection on the global efforts to address climate change. A key takeaway emerged from the event: the world is finally willing to say outloud “we need to chart a definitive course to wean ourselves off fossil fuels!” Moving beyond the main headlines and chatter, the real progress is found in the collective efforts of disparate stakeholders working towards a common purpose – and as the Chamber of Commerce noted, the real work will be done in the halls of private industry. 

Despite initial controversy around the oil-rich UAE hosting COP28 and the fossil fuel executive presiding over it, the unfolding narrative proved compelling. The UAE and other Middle Eastern nations demonstrated a renewed interest and commitment to the global energy transition, underscoring their crucial role in the energy transition by supporting a broad-sweeping agreement signed by 200 nations committing to a 2050 deadline for alternatives to a fossil-fueled society.

Today’s conversation was live-broadcast on Wednesday December 20th, and we’re borrowing our “Industry Pulse” monicker from our PowerUp Live stage as co-hosts Nate Jovanelly and Nico Johnson intend to continue this as a series looking at the expert sentiments underlying the trends and headlines that are driving the narrative around Climate Action.

This discourse provides a detailed account of COP28 through the experiences of our panelists who attended the event in-person: Elizabeth Andrews, CDO at New Energy Nexus, Steve Anglin, CEO of Utopio, Brad Stutzman, Founder & CEO of O3 Energy, and Tito Jankowski, CEO of AirMiners.  Everyone attends these events with their own agenda: network, raise awareness, raise money, get “in the room” where it happens! 

The discussion offers a look at COP28 from quite different perspectives while tying together their observations into one theme – why should those of us back in the ‘real world’ give a d* about whether or not these proceedings have meaning for our day-to-day lives?

Tune in and discover for yourself.