Community solar democratizes access to clean energy for those unable to install rooftop solar. National Renewable Energy Laboratory analysis shows nearly 50% of households and businesses face limitations for rooftop solar systems. This model expands renewable energy on the grid, offering widespread access to clean energy benefits and giving distributed renewable energy more equitable access.

Aaron Halimi is the President of Renewable Properties and brings over a decade of experience in solar and real estate. His solar experience began when his family’s land became the first utility-scale land deal SunEdison ever signed. While that 20 MW project ultimately didn’t get built, the experience led Aaron to Borrego Solar (leading their Utility project origination) and a fruitful and prolific career in solar. Aaron went on to start Renewable Properties, which focuses on the evolution of community solar, addressing the industry’s challenges with scaling origination, lowering development risk, and contributing to early market acceptance of the community solar model. He emphasizes how the industry has made community solar projects more financially attractive by professionalizing the difficult land and customer acquisition through companies like his as well as third-party subscriber companies that aggregate the consumer demand. Renewable Properties now has 80% of their pipeline focused on community solar, and the roots of the company and its choices in product are found in Aaron’s family business – cowboy boots.

Halimi underscores the importance of dispelling myths around solar implementation with education and storytelling, ultimately encouraging a broader acceptance of solar power. Aaron also dives into the intersection of renewable energy and the emerging EV market.  Halimi’s mission to drive renewable energy forward for local communities is the heartbeat of Renewable Properties. Tune in to learn more about this inspiring entrepreneur’s story.