Happy New Year!!! 

If you’ve been following along on Linkedin, then you’re now doubt aware that last week I launched “Valence” – a LinkedIn newsletter specifically geared toward connecting the dots between the stories we tell and the people who tell them in this pivotal clean energy transition. As a natural connector, I find resonance in the idea of valence as it pertains to the combining power of elements, which I explain a whole lot further in today’s special episode. Just as atoms unite to form compounds, our collective effort as professionals, influencers, and enthusiasts of renewable energy can compound if we learn to tailor our narrative to hit the mark more often with our intended audience(s).

Valence, drawing from its etymological roots meaning “power” and “capacity,” becomes a guiding force in my work. As part of the launch, we introduced “The Influencer List,” a curated selection of individuals reshaping the discourse around Energy and Climate in 2024. This list comprises creators, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and doers who leverage compelling storytelling to rewrite narratives, showcasing the momentum behind global climate action. Recognizing the ‘elemental’ individuals within our sector is vital for this unified vision. So far I’ve highlighted notable influencers like Alessandro Blasi from the International Energy Agency, climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe, and renewables pioneer CEO & Founder of Nextracker Daniel Shugar and his enlightening “Dinner with Dan” series. These influencers along with others that will be added daily through January 6 and then weekly, much like valence electrons, are crucial participants in the foundational elements of change we seek in our global infrastructure and resource utilization.

In 2024, I hope Valence becomes more than just a newsletter—it may be a catalyst for daily connections, combining multifaceted ideas, and leveraging resources within our community. We hope that by subscribing to Valence on LinkedIn, our listeners and followers will actively participate in the mission of connecting and advancing our clean energy community by learning from those who are already doing it well and emulating that success in their own endeavors.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think by DM’ing me over on Linkedin, ok?