The demand for skilled engineering labor in renewables is skyrocketing. As the world’s energy grids transition towards terawatts of renewable energy, there is an incredible need for owners and developers to outsource key components of electrical, civil, structural, geotechnical, and land survey engineering. This gap in specialized skills presents a unique challenge for developers and EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contractors who often lack these capabilities in-house or find it non-essential to their core business focus. Over the last decade-plus, however, full-service engineering services companies have begun a vital service for the renewable energy contractor that is becoming increasingly indispensable in the sector.

At the forefront of bridging this resource gap is Sohan Das, Vice President at EVS, Inc., a family-owned pure-play engineering firm that has adeptly positioned itself as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for comprehensive engineering services. With a background in architecture and a robust experience in the solar industry, Das’s journey is a reflection upon how one does not have to be the founder or CEO of a business in order to lead it to great heights. Under his leadership, EVS has become a respected and recognized pioneer in growth markets like Community Solar and Battery Energy Storage.  EVS not only provides partners with much-needed engineering expertise, but their depth of experience in these ‘frontier markets’ of the industry has helped streamline the entire project development process, ensuring equity, efficiency and effectiveness across multiple verticals and product integrations as the solar industry has matured.

This conversation delves into the essence of intrapreneurship. Sohan’s story illustrates that you don’t need to start the company to become a recognized force for positive change in an industry. From cultural values to corporate commitments, EVS’s family approach to business has allowed Sohan to thrive and their own company to survive in this ever-evolving energy & engineering landscape.