Storytelling is not just entertainment. It’s a fundamental part of being human. A story’s most important function is to remind us we are not alone in the world.

And as we champion the clean energy transition, our stories help remind hundreds of thousands that there is a career opportunity they can choose that also can leave a legacy. Yet, the gap between the industry’s advancements and public perception of technology such as solar continues to exist despite our industry being one of the largest job creators of the past decade. This disconnect between reality and the narratives told in communities large and small palpable, but a few organizations have finally begun to help re-write the story in compelling and public ways.  Despite the tremendous progress of renewable energy, Joe and Jane Public still have concerns.  And, addressing those concerns requires more than just presenting facts and figures; it calls for a powerful, human-centric approach through storytelling. By sharing personal narratives, the clean energy sector can effectively bridge this knowledge gap, making the transition more tangible and relatable to the general public.

Andrew Reagan, Executive Director of Clean Energy for America, understands and advocates the power of storytelling in reshaping public opinion and fostering a deeper understanding of the clean energy transition. Through the “Faces of Clean Energy” campaign, the Clean Energy for America Education Fund highlights the stories of individuals who have transitioned from traditional sectors like oil and gas to clean energy, illustrating the diverse opportunities and skill transferability in this burgeoning field. These narratives serve as a beacon, guiding the public to recognize the reality and potential of clean energy, moving beyond misconceptions, politics, and skepticism.

This conversation delves into the essence of storytelling. While statistics and data are informative, it’s the ‘human element’—the personal stories and experiences—that truly captivate and inspire. This narrative approach is not just about disseminating information; it’s about connecting on a deeper level, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. Recognizing this, the Valence Newsletter was formed as a dedicated platform to highlight the elemental components of good storytelling and how it can impact and grow the industry. Please check it out and subscribe.

This conversation is a call to action to please share your story and encourage others to share their story!