With the need to increase solar deployment and prepare for the terawatt era, Terabase Energy Inc. has positioned itself as a leader in transforming utility-scale solar power. This conversation, recorded live at Intersolar North America 2024, dives deep into the innovative strategies and technologies that Terabase is deploying to amplify solar energy production and to meet the demands of the terawatt-level market. With a strategic focus on reducing solar costs to as low as 1 cent per kilowatt-hour, Terabase is pioneering efforts to make this ambitious goal plausible.

Matt Campbell, CEO and co-founder of Terabase Energy Inc., brings to the table a rich tapestry of knowledge and experience in the solar industry. Under his guidance, Terabase has developed a comprehensive suite of four state-of-the-art software products. Each product in this suite is tailored to optimize different stages of utility-scale solar projects, encompassing everything from the initial design phase with ‘Plant Predict’ to the intricate operational efficiencies achieved by ‘Plant Controls.’ Campbell’s vision is both bold and clear – to significantly streamline the solar project lifecycle through digital innovation and automation, thereby enhancing project efficiency and reducing overall costs.

This discussion sheds light on how Terabase’s integration of advanced software and automation is not merely enhancing solar project development; it is actively revolutionizing the efficiency and sustainability of energy production. By addressing critical aspects such as design optimization, construction management, installation processes, and operational control, Terabase is not only meeting current industry challenges but also setting new standards for the future of utility-scale solar.