We often talk here about renewable energy. But how often have you thought about renewable water?  Is it even a thing? And, what if we could manufacture clean water, from the air?

Did you know, the EPA reports that 45% of U.S. tap water is toxic!?! 

And, while an estimated 3 billion people globally currently face water stress, that number is projected to increase to 5.2 billion by 2050! 

This situation underscores the interconnectedness of the climate and water crises, emphasizing the vital “energy-water nexus” and the urgent need for solutions to ensure both water availability and purity.

Alexander von Welczek founded SkyH2O to address these water challenges through atmospheric water generation (AWG). As a seasoned climate tech & solar finance entrepreneur, von Welczek’s journey in the water sector began around 2015, motivated by California’s severe droughts. And, when he partnered with UC Berkeley scientists shortly after, SkyH2O’s ambitious vision of large-scale AWG systems became a reality. Von Welczek and the Berkeley team engineered a system capable of producing 10,000-100,000 gallons of water per day, which is particularly well oriented to solving commercial and industrial water needs. His insights into the global water crisis offer a deep dive into the potential and challenges associated with AWG, a technology that holds massive potential to relieve global water stress as it literally generates water directly from the air without relying on existing water bodies. 

I’ve known Alex since his early days in Solar, and have been watching as he incubated SkyH2O from it’s earliest ideation.  So I’m honored to finally feature Alex here on SunCast.  SkyH2O’s approach to AWG offers a scalable solution to water stress and toxicity. Von Welczek’s motto, “no excuses, let’s make it happen,” embodies the spirit of this mission, inspiring a call to action for sustainable, global water management. 

This discussion reveals the importance of innovative approaches in climate tech, highlighting SkyH2O’s role in addressing the critical need for clean, accessible water and showcasing how visionary solutions can lead to a more sustainable world for future generations.