Occasionally on the anniversary of an episode that really impacted us, we like to run a vignette of something we learned from such an episode to give new listeners (or those of you who just missed it originally) insight from the excellent content in our back catalog, much of which we believe is worth revisiting.

As GHG emissions continue to rise, the need to understand and effectively manage carbon emissions on the grid is crucial. Yet, a significant obstacle remains: most individuals and organizations lack real-time, accurate data on their carbon footprint, particularly in relation to electricity consumption. Traditional methods offer only outdated regional averages that fail to reflect the dynamic nature of the power grid, especially with more renewables being deployed. This gap in data is a limitation upon everyone seeking to mitigate the climate crisis from grid operators to individual consumers.

Wenbo Shi founded Singularity Energy to resolve this issue once and for all. In this SunCast Soundbyte, Wenbo discusses the pressing issue of GHG emissions and the vital role of accurate carbon data in fighting climate change. Many lack real-time data on their carbon footprint, especially in electricity usage. Traditional methods, offering outdated regional averages, don’t align with the dynamic power grid, since there is increased renewable presence on the grid. Singularity Energy, born from Wenbo’s pivot from energy management to carbon data, addresses this gap. 

Singularity Energy stands at the forefront of providing accurate, real-time carbon intensity data. Their innovative approach leverages a combination of public data and proprietary grid operation information from regional utility partners like Eversource. The company’s unique methodology allows for more precise, location-specific carbon estimates, empowering consumers and utilities alike with the data necessary to make more informed decisions on how to effectively reduce GHG emissions.

This episode highlights the critical role of real-time carbon data in emission reduction, aligning perfectly with Singularity Energy’s mission to deliver up-to-date, granular grid carbon data. This empowers entities to make well-informed decisions, steering them towards effective carbon emission reduction strategies.

If this resonates, then you might enjoy the longer episode we did with Wenbo (from which this vignette was clipped); that’s episode #573