The United States stands at a pivotal juncture in its clean energy transition, with domestic energy storage manufacturing emerging as the cornerstone of its sustainable future. John Zahurancik, President Americas at Fluence, joins Nico Johnson to discuss the future of domestic battery manufacturing in the United States at Intersolar NA. Also, this episode features an exclusive recording of  Zahurancik’s keynote address which further discusses the need for the U.S. to ramp up its production of energy storage solutions, showcasing Fluence’s leading role in this critical shift.

What the audience can expect to learn:

⚡️ The Critical Role of Domestic Manufacturing: Understand why bringing battery production home is key to America’s energy independence and resilience.

⚡️ Navigating Supply Chain Challenges: Learn how domestic manufacturing reduces risks from international disruptions, enhancing supply chain reliability.

⚡️ Policy Clarity and Partnerships: How clear policies and strong partnerships are essential for accelerating the clean energy transition.

⚡️Fluence’s Strategic Initiatives: A closer look at Fluence’s efforts, including their manufacturing facility in Utah, to lead the U.S. in energy storage solutions.

⚡️ Future of Clean Energy: Zahurancik’s vision for a decarbonized future and how domestic energy storage manufacturing plays a crucial role.

John Zahurancik’s insightful keynote offers a comprehensive blueprint for transforming the United States into a leader in domestic energy storage manufacturing, emphasizing the importance of policy clarity, strong partnerships, and innovation.