Community solar has proven a viable pathway to more affordable and equitable clean energy, but how do developers overcome one of the main hurdles to the project’s success – community engagement? Founded with a commitment to making solar energy accessible to all, Solstice has become a key player in community solar, especially in the US Northeast, emphasizing the importance of community engagement and education in expanding renewable energy access. 

In this episode, Sandhya Murali, Co-founder & COO of Solstice, outlines the company’s strategic decisions and cultural values that have yielded broad success as a community solar pioneer. She delves into how Solstice:

  • Cultivates community trust and broadens solar participation through education and transparent communication.
  • Implements strategic marketing to nurture long-term community relationships.
  • Empowers communities through sustainable energy, whether it be homeowners, renters, businesses, nonprofits, or others. 

Listeners can also expect to uncover:

  • How economic incentives that circulate through communities can encourage many others to transition to renewable energy 
  • Solstice’s proactive approach to engaging with communities in the early stages of solar projects
  • The dedication developers must have to engage with the community they are building with to foster a long-term relationship and support for the mission 

This episode offers an in-depth look at how adhering to core values and focusing on community engagement can drive long-term success in community solar and beyond.