How did Nextracker become the leading solar tracker manufacturer in the world in 10 years, and what was the secret sauce of one of the most successful IPO’s of 2023?  We finally have Nextracker’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Kristan Kirsh, on the show sharing her journey of helping elevate Nextracker from 400 Megawatts to 90 Gigawatts in shipped solar trackers.

With Kirsh running marketing since 2015, Nextracker has not only navigated its landmark public offering but has also cemented its status as an industry icon. This episode delves into the strategic layers of her successful marketing prowess that has served as exemplar within the solar sector, offering listeners a chance to explore:

  • The creation of a customer-centric culture that goes beyond listening to actively incorporate feedback into both product development and marketing strategies.
  • The use of storytelling to make complex technological solutions relatable and captivating in a way that’s meaningful to the audience.
  • The importance of diversity and inclusion in fostering a creative and robust marketing team, and how to encourage diversity and inclusion at a high level.
  • Strategies for managing significant milestones, from tactically naming products to dealing with multiple stakeholders in the IPO process.
  • Nextracker’s philanthropy, supporting nonprofits like Green Empowerment with small-scale solar projects in Africa and Latin America.

This interview with Kristan Kirsch demonstrates the power of strategic marketing, cultural and global diversity, and truly empowering others to elevate the industry.  And we had the honor of bringing it to you live in-person from the comfort of Kristan’s Bay Area living room! (so, definitely tune in on Youtube and watch!)