Wondering how your state can set and exceed lofty renewable energy targets? Today’s episode is for you. 

In 2019, Maryland doubled their renewable energy target: aiming for 50% renewable energy by 2035 and net zero emissions by 2045. So, how are they doing? Stephanie Johnson, President and Founder of the Maryland Renewable Energy Alliance (MD-REA), shares her perspective from the front lines. 

She discusses how she transitioned from the world of corporate compliance, recruited to a career in renewable energy advocacy by Catherine Mclean and prepared for her interview with the help of our SunCast Podcast. Stephanie discusses some of Maryland’s key challenges with Nico from land constraints to a lack of transmission lines. She highlights MD-REA’s community outreach and Maryland’s strategy to surmount their state-level barriers.

Expect to learn: 

  • How the implementation of the Climate Solutions Now Act and the Renew Act will accelerate Maryland’s transition to renewable energy.
  • What it takes to build state-level community engagement and support for the development and siting of renewable energy projects. 
  • How MD-REA and other organizations like the League of Conservation Voters are fostering a dialogue with key communities to foster this engagement.
  • Maryland’s plan to bridge their funding shortfall of about a billion dollars annually, critical for Maryland to meet its renewable energy goals.
  • How advocacy groups and alliances can build relationships between stakeholders to facilitate key policy discussions.

Stephanie Johnson is a true solar warrior in the trenches, leading the charge to turn Maryland’s clean energy aspirations into tangible realities. Her work epitomizes the dedication and strategic thinking required to navigate the complexities of the clean energy transition.

Interested in how we can win the ongoing battle between renewable energy targets and state’s rights? This one’s for you. 

We hope you enjoy listening to it half as much as Nico enjoyed recording it.