Permitting. The word is enough to send shivers down the spines of most PV professionals.

Obtaining permits for solar projects, no matter the scale, is a major roadblock in the transition to renewable energy, and often causes project delays that last weeks or even months. Robin Laine, CEO & Co-founder of Transect,is working to simplify the land permitting process for solar developers.

Robin, who has a background in environmental consulting, founded Transect to address the inefficiencies plaguing the solar project permitting process. Their due diligence software is designed to streamline site assessments for land developers in the renewable energy industry. Transect reduces assessment timelines from weeks to minutes by leveraging an innovative mix of public and proprietary datasets, and helps developers ensure they are focusing their efforts on the right properties and activities to get more solar through the permitting queue.

Expect to learn: 

  • How Robin and her co-founder collected and leveraged freely available land data to create a desperately needed tool for developers
  • How Transect developed their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 
  • Why Transect’s early success with customers like Recurrent Energy set them apart from competitors and positioned them as a leader in the field.
  • What it took for Transect to acquire significant clients and secure Series A funding.
  • Transect’s plan to continuously innovate and iterate products to maintain market relevance and accelerate the energy transition.

Robin Laine’s story showcases the entrepreneurial spirit needed to make the clean energy transition more efficient and accessible. 

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