Our guest today points out that energy efficiency is actually employing MILLIONS MORE than Renewable Energy as a sector!

Paula Glover, President of the Alliance to Save Energy, is fighting on the front lines to reduce energy waste. She uses her platform to champion energy efficiency as a cost-saving measure and a fundamental principle for achieving energy justice and economic growth. Paula believes that the “first fuel” is non-consumption. 

Paula’s a returning guest to the show (Ep 333) but it’s our first time digging into her career evolution and role in championing Energy Efficiency.

Expect to learn: 

  • How many people the energy efficiency sector employs (hint: it’s way more than you think)
  • Why energy efficiency is foundational to achieving broader economic and environmental goals
  • Paula and the Alliance to Save Energy’s strategies to educate the younger generation about energy efficiency 
  • An unlikely ally to black industry leadership that led to a best-selling book 
  • Why Paula thinks diversity, justice, equity and inclusion have been sidelined as a conversation.

Why are you still reading…click play and find out for yourself.