Increasing extreme weather events year over year are forcing all energy assets to reconsider asset protection and resilience. The solar industry has been wrongly accused of grid reliability issues in the face of these extreme events, but what does the data say from operating assets that have “weathered” the storms? 

Lightsource BP’s Kevin Christy is working to prove solar energy’s resilience (especially during challenging weather conditions) and address misconceptions about renewable energy in grid stability and performance. As Head of Innovation and Operational Excellence for Lightsource BP, he and his colleague Dave Martin explore the future of solar energy, discussing advancements in technology, operational efficiency, and the crucial role of data analytics in optimizing solar plant performance.

Expect to learn:

  • Strategies for managing solar assets during extreme weather events (like hail mitigation and Texas’s Winter Storm Uri)
  • Exactly how reliable solar is in extreme weather
  • How automation and digitalization will change solar plant operations and maintenance
  • The role of renewable energy, particularly solar, in creating a more stable energy grid
  • How Kevin Christy addresses common misconceptions about renewable energy’s grid impact

This episode is essential listening for anyone interested in the cutting-edge of solar innovation and the pivotal role renewables will play in shaping a stable power supply.