As our Secretary of Energy says, deploy deploy deploy! It’s incredible to see how hard we’re pushing to modernize the grid, but, we also must maintain and ensure solar projects are delivering on every kilowatt hour that we promised. Today’s guest has been delivering on those promises for nearly two decades. 

Josh Fraughton, a renewable energy veteran with nearly two decades of experience in the solar industry, has seen firsthand the increasing need for a stable supply chain for solar O&M. So Josh collaborated with RNWBL at the founding of R7 Supply, a venture so immediately successful that it scaled to meet to start filling the gaps within 18 months and continues strong today under RNWBL.

Today, he shares his entrepreneurial journey with us. 

Expect to learn:

  • Josh’s story of going from boots-on-the-roof as an installer to orchestrating O&M and supply chain operations for industry giants.
  • A business idea to address a need in the solar industry that Nico and Josh both believe will be huge
  • Josh’s plan to tackle obsolescence in solar components and ensure that systems remain efficient and viable over time.
  • How well-intentioned entrepreneurs are creating their own inflation in the solar industry. 

Don’t miss out – press play to learn more about optimizing the O&M side of the solar industry and Josh’s extensive experience solving the industry’s problems.