What if solar installers could easily integrate energy storage with any inverter on the market? LG Energy Storage Systems (ESS) makes that possible, and in an important and elegant way. 

At the 2024 NABCEP Conference, Jim Brown, Senior National Sales Manager at LG ESS, highlighted  LG’s new “Home 8” AC-coupled energy storage system, a game-changing product for solar installers. In today’s episode, Jim and Nico discuss AC vs. DC-coupled systems, homeowner misconceptions, and a new technology that will help homeowners maximize the their solar plus storage investment. . Expect to learn:

  • Why some homeowners are still buying energy storage systems without solar
  • What installers can do to better educate and prepare homeowners for power outages 
  • How LG engineered the Home 8 to work with any inverter on the market
  • The importance of “frequency watt control”
  • How to get the power of Home 8 for your customers

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