We’ve heard that we need to focus on workforce development.  Yet many times the workforce we’ve developed has to re-invent the wheel for lack of reliable systems to a) know what good looks like, and b) replicate it in the field with minimal oversight.  

What if any solar installer had reliable, step-by-step installation guidance straight from any manufacturer? Would this improve the process? 

Solar projects are custom-built each time, often with components from a range of OEMs. This means that installers have to spend costly hours figuring out how to connect different solar technology on a per-project basis (what we often refer to as commissioning).

Sierra Fan, cofounder of illu, offers a solution to this age-old efficiency hurdle. illu is a software platform that allows manufacturers (and installers) to create custom easy-to-follow processes to aid installers in completing fieldwork of all types. This system eliminates the need for manufacturers(OEMs) to develop their own bespoke software, and it guides installers through solar system installations and commissioning safely, every time.

It’s the simple yet effective idea that won illu the Solar Prize from the DOE and I believe it could be the perfect solution for OEMs trying to better support Installer operations.

Expect to learn: 

  • Why illu won the American Made Solar Prize
  • How Sierra went from financier at Morgan Stanley to successful entrepreneur
  • How illu got their start working on microgrids in Myanmar.
  • Strategies for promoting sustainable technology adoption in emerging markets.
  • The  partnerships and resources that are bringing  illu early success

This is a startup-story that you won’t want to miss!