The IRA gave solar manufacturers a huge incentive to manufacture on U.S. soil. How does the 45x incentive work, and are we actually gonna see anybody other than Nextracker capitalize on it?!

Companies like FTC Solar are taking full advantage of this huge manufacturing tax credit. Their Vice President of Sales, Eric Frazier, shares how they’re bringing higher-paying manufacturing jobs back to American communities and what it means for developers.

He also shares his career lessons in mitigating project underperformance, navigating complex project sites, and empowering rural economic development.

Expect to learn:

  • How The Inflation Reduction Act(IRA) is transforming U.S. solar manufacturing 
  • FTC Solar’s plan to take its manufacturing from 50% domestic to 85% U.S.-based
  • The challenges we need to overcome to manufacture complex components in the U.S.
  • How Agrivoltaics can create multiple revenue streams for landowners 
  • The impact that re-shoring manufacturing is having on small American communities. 

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