Many of us working in clean energy forget that access to clean power is still a privilege, not a right. Millions of Americans still don’t have the freedom to choose clean energy. 

People all over the country want to fight climate change by choosing renewable energy sources for their homes and businesses. But, in monopolized electricity markets, consumers are forced  to purchase power from the only available utility (like Duke Energy here in my home state of NC).

CleanChoice Energy is fighting to address this limitation. As you’ll hear from Zoë Gamble Hanes, President of CleanChoice, their platform enables residential customers in deregulated Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states to choose clean energy.  And their the first in the nation to offer 100% green energy direct-to-consumer, or farm-to-table as one press release recently put it.  That is to say, they own both the generation side (with solar and wind farms) and the retail side (consumer choice contracts in deregulated markets), thus “gen-tailer”. 

Expect to learn:

  • How CleanChoice Energy distributes power to offer residential customers in deregulated markets a cleaner choice. 
  • Why  True Green Capital Management acquired a majority stake in the company.
  • Zoë’s Pioneering role in kickstarting the NC solar [tax credit] market and her subsequent milestones with FLS Energy and Pine Gate Renewables.
  • How hiring diverse leadership is helping CleanChoice solve complex energy sector problems.
  • The importance of balancing professional drive and personal well-being as a leader.

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