Struggling with imposter syndrome? You’re not alone. 

Returning guest (Ep 333, 687) Paula Glover, President of the Alliance to Save Energy, delves into one of the most common emotional challenges faced by leaders and entrepreneurs. Paula gets real about the self-doubt leaders face and the importance of authenticity in leadership. It’s rare to get this kind of honesty in a b2b podcast conversation, and Paula does it with guts and grace.

As the head of the Alliance to Save Energy, Paula has been a champion for diversity and inclusion in the energy sector. Her experience shows how crucial personal growth and self-awareness are for effective leadership. The conversation touches on the significance of self-reflection, the power of words, and the responsibility that comes with leadership roles. 

If you’ve ever struggled with self-doubt, you’re in good company.  Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou,Tom Hanks and David Bowie are among the many professional performers, unquestionably successful, who’ve battled the self-talk and emotional rollercoaster of feeling like an imposter. 

Ready to conquer your own imposter syndrome and lead with confidence? Listen in to hear Paula’s empowering stories and actionable advice.