Ever get annoyed when you order takeout and they give you the obligatory plastic wrapped napkin and plastic cutlery? If you’re like me, you politely decline, but most just take them and dispose of them directly in the waste bin.

The world is drowning in plastic waste, and current solutions to a useful alternative aren’t cutting it. 

PlantSwitch, a North Carolina-based startup co-founded by Dillon Baxter, uses agricultural byproducts to create a durable, plastic-like resin. With it, they aim to tackle the world of disposable cutlery. Their products are 100% compostable and decompose naturally, even without the need for commercial composting facilities.

If your response to compostable cutlery is an eye-roll because they are neither reliable nor compostable, you’re in good company with Dillon.  That’s why when he takes a potential investor out to dinner, he invites them to cut into a thick steak with one of his compostable knives…they usually invest. And with those investments, PlantSwitch is opening a new facility in Sanford, North Carolina, where they can produce 50 million pounds of truly compostable bioplastic resin annually! Until now, there was really nobody providing a wide-scale alternative to single-use plastics; Tune in to hear how PlantSwitch is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the biodegradable plastics industry.

Expect to learn:

  • How traditional plastic recycling is broken.
  • How PlantSwitch uses agricultural waste to create compostable products.
  • The real story behind consumer recycling (it’s more sinister than you might think).

Discover how PlantSwitch is transforming the plastic industry. Listen now!