In the solar industry, we’re often building the plane as we fly it, as it were. 

This is ever-moreso evident in commercial and industrial (C&I) solar, a relatively untapped market with unique challenges. One of the key areas of failure is a lack of funding.  And, often, the culprit that leads to failed projects or lack of funding (ie, un-interested buyers) is poor processes. 

So how do you teach due diligence and standardize processes when it seems we’ve been making them up as you go for so long?? 

Despite it still, at times, feeling like the wild west in solar development, there are numerous industry veterans who have vetted and validated hundreds, even thousands of projects and developed simple checklists, toolkits, and data room best practices to help any developer willing to seek professional guidance.

Keith Cronin, Founder & CEO of SunHedge and instructor for HeatSpring, is a pioneer in the U.S. and Pacific Island solar markets. In today’s episode, Keith shares his journey from helping shape Hawaii’s solar market with Jigar Shah to teaching hundreds of organizations how to fine-tune their own best-practices, financial models and project diligence efforts. Along the way, Keith has helped to build trust in the market and innovative financial models for getting projects across the finish line. 

Expect to learn:

  • Specific strategies for strong financial models and building trust for your solar project. 
  • Tools you can deploy immediately for more accurate assumptions in your models and risk reduction in C&I solar projects, in particular.
  • Keith’s perspective on how we can bring more people in from other industries like oil and gas, real estate, and tech.

Careful listeners will learn (and see) how to use Keith’s FREE project screening tool, or gain access to his bestselling course, Solar Executive MBA Training, on Heatspring. 

Finally, if you’re ready to further develop your own thought leadership or share your expertise, check out Solar Academy, a social knowledge platform for the solar energy industry.