Welcome to Episode 73 of Suncast!

Did you check out the last Suncast episode? It’s all about Blockchain, Electrification of the Vehicle Industry, Distributed Storage & A Nationwide Carbon Tax. Listen to it here!

Today’s guest, Adam Gerza, is the COO of the fast-growing SAAS company, Energy Toolbase, which I know many of my listeners use. Today I get the chance to look under the hood and hear why over 1500 solar companies trust the most critical piece of their sales process to this barely 3 yr old company.

Tune-in as we discuss these topics:

  • What Adam learned from his days as an Energy Trader.
  • The Elevator Pitch for Energy Toolbase.
  • How Energy Toolbase gained their first customers.
  • Adam’s predictions for Blockchain.

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Thanks again for setting aside THIS time in your day. Enjoy this episode of SunCast.