What’s the value of a NABCEP certification? Since most solar companies don’t require one, is it worth the time and money? 

At RE+ Northeast a few weeks back, Jada Alcindor from NABCEP asked around to answer one of the industry’s key questions: “How much does a NABCEP certification help installers when it comes to designing systems accurately?” When she sat down with John Novak, the founder and CPO of Scanifly, she found a clear answer. And you get to ‘eavesdrop’ on this conversation between two solar junkies as they break down the benefits of certifying installers, talk up some industry-leading tech, and show you how to get free continuing NABCEP education credits. 

Scanifly is a design software that gives PV designers an edge by providing accurate, real-time roof measurements using drone footage. Scanifly’s software helps PV designers eliminate guesswork from satellite imagery and make fewer design mistakes. 

Expect to learn: 

  • How and why a NABCEP certification gives solar designers a clear edge
  • How Scanifly’s software can turn anyone into a solar project wizard
  • How to use a drone to lay out where the panels in a solar system should go, down to the inch.
  • A sneak peek into what Scanifly will teach at the upcoming NABCEP conference.
  • Where to find a free resource to become a Scanifly certified designer and surveyor 

If you’re curious about designing top-notch solar energy systems or just love learning about interesting technology, hit play! 

To learn more about Scanifly you should find their booth at the upcoming NABCEP conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, from March 18 to 21, 2024! 

See you in Raleigh

This is NOT a paid endorsement or advertisement from NABCEP nor from Scanifly.