There’s so much good content (especially right here on SunCast) but I always get asked “what podcasts to you listen to, Nico?” 

This week, we’d like to introduce you to one podcast I’ve been really enjoying – it’s a new deep-dive podcast for the solar industry called “Factor This“. 

Host John Engel from Renewable Energy World breaks down the biggest stories in solar with leaders who move the needle. I was really impressed with his four-part, in-depth series on the Auxin Solar tariff petition, featuring an exclusive interview with Auxin’s CEO Mamun Rashid, and I would recommend that you check it out. John has also interviewed industry leaders like SEIA CEO Abby Hopper, ACPA CEO Heather Zichal, Lightsource bp Americas CEO Kevin Smith, Rhone Resch, Heliene CEO Martin Pochtaruk, and more.

Today, we’re dropping in a segment of the first episode of that series to give our #SolarWarriors a taste of what I’m listening to and enjoying..

Enjoy! And tune back in tomorrow for our next Tactical Tuesday episode, oh, and…Episode 500 is coming!