Welcome to Episode 65 of SunCast! 

I hope you learned a lot during this week’s ultra-nerdy Tactical Tuesday with Hongbin Fang of LONGi Solar.

On today’s episode, I speak with Etienne Lecompte. 

Etienne is a leader and entrepreneur in renewable energy, software development and regulatory compliance. Etienne’s companies and products have set the standard for developers, financiers and equity providers investing in renewable energy assets in Canada and now throughout North America. He currently leads his latest venture, PowerHub: a cloud-based Asset Management solution designed to help renewable energy asset owners manage their projects.

Tune in Today as we Discuss Topics Such As:

  • How Etienne & PowerHub raised capital.
  • The opportunities and threats currently in the Asset Management space.

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Make sure you tune back in next Tuesday for Episode 66 of Suncast, where I talk to Mark Mclanahan for a brand new Tactical Tuesday!

Thanks again for setting aside THIS time in your day. Enjoy this week’s episode of SunCast, with Etienne Lecompte.