Welcome to Episode 68 of SunCast! 

I hope you enjoyed my last episode with Chris Thompson, the Principal at Ipsum Power on the key differences between the solar and storage markets.

Today is another Tactical Tuesday episode! This week we have Farid Dibachi, the Cofounder & CEO of JLM Energy.

I became aware of JLM at last year’s SPI where I was on a mission to better understand the innovation coming to market for C&I storage applications. 

When I heard what JLM is doing, I knew I’d have to go by and see it for myself. So I reached out and set up a meeting w/Farid at the show, and what you’ll hear on this episode is that brief but very informative interview. 

Tune in Today as we Discuss Topics Such As:

  • Disrupting the Solar + Storage Form Factor 
  • How JLM’s software helps the construction tradesman install a complex product, simply
  • How the Phazr product is the first solar panel-level energy storage device at scale

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Thanks again for setting aside THIS time in your day. Enjoy this week’s episode of SunCast, with Farid Dibachi