In this bonus episode, we’ll introduce you to the Earthlings 2.0 podcast with Lisa Ann Pinkerton, which is now a part of REsource Labs, our Creator Network!  In today’s episode, hear an innovative approach to improving the modern EV battery with guest, Virginia Klausmeier President & CEO of Sylvatex!

As electric vehicles become more common worldwide, battery production must rapidly scale to meet the rising demand. The burgeoning electric vehicle market, however, faces limitations imposed by battery costs and material availability. Cathodes, constituting 60% of an EV battery’s expense and carbon life cycle, are predominantly produced through energy-intensive and costly processes that also demand a significant amount of water. In light of the automotive industry’s widespread commitment to emission reduction and net-zero goals by 2050, the existing challenges posed by current cathode manufacturing techniques emerge as a formidable obstacle for the industry.

Virginia Klausmeier and her company Sylvatex are developing a solution. Her startup’s single-step dry cathode production process uses less energy and no water compared to traditional techniques. It also has more flexibility in materials used. Klausmeier explains how Sylvatex’s innovation could help battery makers lower costs while meeting ESG mandates, supporting widespread EV adoption. Listeners will gain insight into how innovative new companies are future-proofing batteries and accelerating the global transition to reducing transportation carbon emissions.

The Earthling spotlighted is Oscar Olivares, an artist from Venezuela. Olivares completed one of the world’s largest ecological murals. Crafted entirely from bottle caps, this monumental artwork not only captivates the senses but serves as a testament to human creativity and environmental stewardship, providing a much-needed restoration of faith in humanity.

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